Quinn Property

Client Collaborator
Eilish Quinn

John Gleeson

Bill Dowling

Quinn Property:

"On behalf of all of us here, a huge big thank you to you, Tadgh and Victor for yesterday, as always it was a pleasure to work with you and the guys. We really appreciate the hard work and advice throughout the day..."

We certainly packed a lot into a one-day shoot for our friends in Quinn Property.

Prior to filming, we consulted with Quinn as to their exact requirements and expected outcomes. Following on from this we conducted in-depth market research to illuminate central insights. Brainstorming around these insights produced the concepts for the two TV commercials targeting specific market segments. These ideas were then developed into storyboards. Further collaboration with the client refined the storyboards into our two final shooting scripts.

Investing in the preproduction time allowed our filming day to be executed with military precision. We shot two complete 40” online commercials, featuring a cast of 9 people, to promote Quinn Property’s unique offerings. In addition 1,236 still photos (yes that many!) were taken to provide a bank of ‘evergreen’ image collateral for their various print, web and social media channels throughout the year.