Diageo Global

Film Location
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Bill Dowling & John Gleeson


Excellence as Standard

Our project showcases the development of Diageo’s commitment to excellence right across their Engineering Department.

Twenty dusty kilometres outside of Addis Ababa is the Diageo owned Meta Abo Brewery. Over the course of 24 months the brewery underwent a complete transformation to triple capacity and introduce new product lines. Our task was to communicate the project’s engineering excellence. Working with storyboards and precise schedules, we coordinated the filming of key aspects of the build process with a local camera crew. On completion of the brewery build we travelled again to Ethiopia and filmed set-pieces. These communicated this idea of engineering excellence to open the video, giving context to the project and showing the challenges of completing a build in this harsh environment. The final video serves to underline Diageo’s commitment to excellence in an area where these standards have not existed before.