Agency Collaborator

John Gleeson

Sarah Keogh

Ciarán Flanagan


It’s for me.

It’s not for everyone. And that was the point we wanted to communicate.

Co-living accommodation has been successfully implemented in many major cities as an alternative lifestyle choice. However in the Irish media there has been a lot of negative comment about the concept of co-living and misconception about what co-living actually means. And as the general Irish public are not au-fait with the concept, they may be persuaded to believe whatever narrative they hear first. And the only narrative resonating in the Irish media is a predominantly negative one.

Niche Living is a brand that intends to be part of the fabric of Irish society for many years to come. It has a business remit to provide a specialist style of living that is curated, considered and community based. Niche Living is offering this service with honesty and integrity. So in order to protect the Niche Living brand, it was necessary to promote the positive narrative, the real facts and the actual benefits that co-living can offer people who make this informed choice to live this particular life-style.

And it is a life-style choice. Maybe not yours, maybe not mine. So we felt that the public should meet the people that do want this style of co-living. And that’s how our ‘It’s for me’ project concept was born. Watch all five videos here on the Niche Living website.

Extensive primary research, on-street vox-pops and studio auditions were conducted by COURTYARD to find the five featured people.