Agency Collaborator

John Gleeson

Bill Dowling

Ciarán Flanagan

DENNY ‘Seize the Summer’

Making the most of the summer

Our shoot was as short as an Irish summer.

We packed a lot in to 6 hours. We filmed four 7” stings, each a continuously moving one-take shot. But the first sting needed the weather to be overcast and then rain, the second spot required bright sunshine, the third - just a patch of sun and the last ad - full on sunshine again! Throw into that mix a child actor, a dog, two semi-professional actors and two amateur actors (the clients!).

Prior to the film day, we shot multiple tests and rehearsed the bejayus out of the storyboard. Sharing these tests with the client and the agency beforehand ensured that everyone was in agreement as to the look, the style and the tone of the ads.

We knew the schedule was tight, the budget was tighter and that the weather was going to be variable. But with a solid production plan in place, we got all four ads in the bag within schedule and on budget. Turnaround in post was very fast, with attention going to picture grade and sound design - hats-off to our post supremo Ciarán Flanagan.