Kerry Food, Denny


Bill Dowling

John Gleeson

’PlungE’ 20”TVC

Bloody hell, it’s freeeezing!

Three people jumping into the Irish sea in December – sure, no problem!

We cast the actors, organised the location permits and ensured that we had all safety issues covered off. This entailed hiring a stunt coordinator, a safety officer and having a standby rib-boat with a diver close-by at all times. And cooking copious amounts of camera-ready sausages on the side of the road was its own challenge! Filming took place from pre-dawn to noon and went exactly according to our agreed shot list and storyboard.

We had a rough-cut of the TVC by close of business. Close collaboration with the client meant that final TVC was Edited, Graded and Mixed, ready to air with 2 days of filming.