National Bikeweek

Agency Collaborator
Drury PN

John Gleeson

Bill Dowling

Ciarán Flanagan

10 x 10” Animated TVC

Banned by Facebook. Too political.

We always love a creative challenge. So this was right up our alley, or bike lane...

Working with illustrations provided by the agency, we were tasked to turn these static assets into short animated stories that would grab the viewers attention. Each of the drawn characters had to be carefully dissected in post-production by Ciarán, to separate them into their component parts - arms, legs, feet, neck, heads etc. Rather gruesome. Then we converted them into movable puppets so that we could have the necessary pedalling movement that the videos required.

We created a few additional characters of our own to add further flavour to the stories. We’re particularly fond of our buzzy bees. And then added a dash of sound fx and a carefully chosen theme tune to create these ten sweet videos. Only to have the videos banned from Facebook Ads. Apparently the climate change/climate action theme is deemed ‘political’ by Facebook and therefore unsuitable for their advertising platform. But they happily let the videos be hosted on the bikeweek facebook page. Go figure!

Here’s the Instagram feed, the Twitter feed and the Facebook page.

National Bike Week Ireland is an initiative of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.