Irish Government

Hume Brophy

John Gleeson

Bill Dowling


Why Ireland.

The Irish Government required a promotional video endorsing Dublin as the potential host city for the European Medicines Agency. The video was central on the campaign website and was used at the start of public events to focus attention and give an immediate feel good factor. The final video helped to promote Dublin as accessible, appropriate and attractive to the hundreds of staff, partners and families of the EMA and the many experts from all over Europe on whom the EMA depends.

Our business acumen and experience enables a high degree of trust between us, our agency partners and their clients. This is vital when liaising directly with CEOs and Heads of Government. The agility and flexibility of our production team was also critical as the project required interviews with the Taoiseach, Ministers for Health and several key industry figures – all on very busy (and shifting) schedules. In addition to our core production team, we had our Autocue and Hair/Makeup people on call, ready to be wherever (and whenever) our interviewees were available.

Visually the video also needed to show views of Dublin (work, life, culture), and some life sciences/pharma industry footage. As the timing of the production was crazy tight, we looked into incorporating existent footage from various state agencies as well as supplementing this with our own original visual content. A carefully crafted script delivered by a professional voiceover tied the various sections together in a cohesive and persuasive production.