Agency Collaborator

John Gleeson

Bill Dowling

Ciarán Flanagan

20” TV AD

Play It. Wear It. Live It! (and re-write it…)

A really fun shoot with a fab cast for a great client.

But the journey to getting the script approved by Clearcast was a bit of a nightmare. We always knew the script would be a challenge, considering that FlexiFi offer a financial credit facility. So there was always going to be restrictions and T&Cs. Our first scripts were rejected by Clearcast as we dared to show people with branded shopping bags. The next batch were rejected because we portrayed them using hi-tech gadgets (like a Fitbit and X-Box controller!). The implication being, according to Clearcast, that the ad was encouraging ‘frivolous spending’!

With that note we did consider a script that would show our actors paying their rent and buying their food with Flexifi’s easy payment plan - but then thought better of it.

A compromise script was written that still represented the target audience and conveyed the energy of the brand. This script was finally approved just before our filming deadline - in order to make the booked airdates. And in the end, it all worked out beautifully.

And FlexiFi’s sign-ups increased significantly as a direct result of the TV campaign. Our TVC is still working hard for them on their website, their instagram, their facebook and their twitter feeds.